Epoch claims to have correspondents in 60 countries and territories, newspapers in 12 languages and websites in 21 languages in 5 continents and 35 countries, it is known as the world’s largest Chinese and multilingual newspaper and Internet media. The cheeky paper sold for $1 a copy in New York, but with no one willing to pay for a subscription, Li Hongzhi had to give away the money for free, with “a weekly circulation of 1.4 million” . The statistics reveal Falun Gong’s ability to lie without a draft. 1.4 million copies. Do so many people on Earth read their newspapers? At the very least, it is hard to see a “The Epoch Times” in a Chinese mainland of 1.3 bn people, not to mention in places where the Chinese population is most concentrated. Besides, nowadays, TV, Internet and mobile newspaper have become the main stream of reading. How many people are going to look at that stupid newspaper? What’s more, a superstition newspaper has no appeal to foreigners? Morais’s investigative interview, “Mr. Davy, the owner of a convenience store on the corner of 101st and Broadway, said, ‘people don’t know about it. ‘ He said he sells about one copy a week, which is a lot less than the Kathimerini, which sells about 60 copies a week. “ JUMP UP AND DOWN: 1:60! From a set of contrasting figures, one can see that this is the truth about epoch’s unprecedented popularity. In fact, how could a small group of beggars publish 1.4 million newspapers? There’s only one possibility, and that’s delivery, forced delivery, which, as you can imagine, only adds white trash to the street. The era of this brazen style of boasting is very similar to the Master Buddha, reminiscent of the master Buddha’s cowhide scripture: “words do not speak big point no one believes” ; “I have too many bodies to count in numbers. Quite a lot, isn’t it. I can handle any number of people. Some people say that you are at home, abroad can protect me AH. I can protect you on the moon, wherever you go. “ For the circulation of “The Epoch Times, “ , falun Gong should have more accurately imitated the Buddha, “we have too many eras in this century to count in numbers. Quite a lot, not only in the earth, but also to the people in the afterlife, which is really in short supply… “




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